Commitments -Animal Welfare

Virginia Poultry Growers is committed to the highest standards of animal welfare possible. Not only is maximizing animal welfare the right thing to do, it produces better birds. We raise our birds in controlled, safe environments, where they are protected with living conditions that are set up to ensure that the birds will thrive. Our Code of Best Practices is based on the Five Freedoms that were codified by the Farm Animal Welfare Council.

In the event you have concerns about VPGC Animal Welfare please call (540) 867-4117.

Freedom From Hunger and Thirst
Our turkeys always have access to fresh water and feed that has been special made to support a healthy diet. Our No Antibiotics Ever and Organic birds are fed an all vegetarian diet with all natural enzymes to promote defense against disease. Each grower makes a minimum of two daily checks to ensure that the feed and water equipment is in good working order so that the turkeys are never hungry or thirsty.
Freedom From Discomfort
Our turkey houses are climate controlled to ensure that the birds are in the optimum environment at any given age. By raising the birds in a house, they are protected from weather changes that would be detrimental to their development. The environment inside the house is set up to ensure that they have comfortable areas to rest and grow.
Freedom From Pain, Injury, and Disease
Every aspect of our growing process is based around raising a safe and healthy bird. With specially formulated feed and comfortable environments, we attempt to prevent any birds from getting sick. By law and by choice, we never use growth hormones or steroids when raising our birds. In the event that a bird becomes sick, it is examined by a licensed veterinarian, diagnosed, and prescribed treatment. If this treatment involves the use of antibiotics, we carefully ensure that the correct dosage is used. In the event that the sick bird is a part of our No Antibiotics Ever or Organic programs, they are immediately removed from the program and subsequently raised as a conventional turkey. Animal health is of the highest importance to us, and we never withhold treatment from our birds.
Freedom to Express Normal Behavior
We believe that happy turkeys are healthy turkeys. Our birds are raised in an environment where they are free to interact with one another and display their natural tendencies. We love that turkeys are curious, expressive creatures, and we never do anything to discourage or prevent them from their ordinary behaviors.
Freedom From Fear and Distress
We raise our turkeys in controlled houses to ensure their safety as much as their comfort. This environment keeps natural predators from having access to the birds. We take it as our duty to protect our birds and ensure they are allowed to live with as little stress as possible. We design each step in our growing process to minimize stress and prevent mental strain in our birds, resulting in happier, healthier turkeys.